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Orange slice earrings

Orange slice earrings

SKU: PDI00400

Textured threader drop earrings. These unique earrings are made with leaves and peel in mind :) a little something special to add to any outfit. Hanging approx 6.5cm from the piercing (both front and back) and at the widest part of the half moon 0.8cm in width. 

  • Threader and Backed earrings

    Threader earrings are made from 0.8mm silver wire feeding through the ear piercing and hanging behind the ear lobe. As all PD pieces are hand made, the threader is hardened after making (as silver relaxes in heat like us) but the with the back being long, it can bend if not handled gently. If in the unlikely event that the back bends, this can be easily bend back gently. The more they are worn, the harder the silver gets, and becomes 'work hardened' as we call it in the trade. 

  • Care instructions - cleaning

    All metal pieces, whether silver, gold or other metals, will tarnish over time. Tarnish often adds more texture to your piece, however if you wish to retain the sparkle of the 'first bought look' silver cleaning solutions can be purchased from most jeweller retailers and online. Many supermarkets stock cleaning solutions for jewellery, but always follow instructions. 

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