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Dhalia Floral threader non patina only available

Dhalia Floral threader non patina only available

SKU: PDI00562

Delicate Dhalia flower floral threader earings made in the PD Signature style with a long threader back that sits and drops elegantly behind the ear. Unique design that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit for day or night wear.  Pieces can be made to a desired length of back threader (drop behind the ear), this pair hangs approx 65mm from the piercing. 

The flower can be patinad (darkened) or left as just silver. Flower measures approx 20mm in diameter and drops approx 30mm from the piercing at the front, 

  • Care instructions - silver tension

    When jewellery is handmade, it goes through a repeated process of heating, soldering and forming. As a result earing backs are often a little more maliable or 'de-stressed' as we say in the industry. This means that when first wearing the piece, the silver back may bend a little. For the threader design this is seen as a huge plus, as the This can be easily re-shaped to fit the individual ear. The more the piece is worn, then more movement the silver receives, the harder the silver will become. So treat your piece with love and attention to ensure that you do not over work the metal as hard worked silver become brittle and can eventually fracture, as seen in many antique pieces, but that says it all....your piece will be with you a long long time if cared for and loved. 

  • Care instructions - cleaning

    All metal pieces, whether silver, gold or other metals, will tarnish over time. Tarnish often adds more texture to your piece, however if you wish to retain the sparkle of the 'first bought look' silver cleaning solutions can be purchased from most jeweller retailers and online. Many supermarkets stock cleaning solutions for jewellery, but always follow instructions. 

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