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Washed up, silver and copper drop earrings

Washed up, silver and copper drop earrings

SKU: PDI000539

These contemporary earrings were inspired by a washed up piece of metal found on the beach in Dorset. Hand made by firstly melting a flux onto a copper lotus back creating a glass base for silver to flow across the surface. Molten silver is then moved around the surface, creating a unique finish. Every pair will have a different look and feel.

Lotus measures 28mm drop and 16mm wide at the widest part.

Fleur (with three curves at the base) measures 28mm to the base of the centre peak and 20mm at the widest part of the earring. 

Long Lotus measures 47mm and earring drops approx 60mm from piercing.

Triangle measurs 26mm drop and 17mm at the widest part

Bar measures 40mm long (drop) and 9mm wide, 

Lotus down (upside down lotus petal) measures 26mm long and 17mm at the widest part. 



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