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Lotus petal pendant and chain

Lotus petal pendant and chain

SKU: PDI00462

Handmade silver lotus petal pendant (2mm round silver wire) on a box rounded 1.3mm 16"/40cm chain. The Lotus petal is regarded in many cultures as a symbol of purity, enlightenment and self regeneration. This simple and hugely popular pendant sits beautifully on the chest and can be worn with any outfit. A Peeking Duck signature piece.


The lotus flower blooms slowly one petal at a time, which is similar to the gradual steps required to reach spiritual enlightenment, progress through various stages of life and acceptance of the changes that life will bring. In this sense, the lotus is a symbol of personal progress. The petals are commonly associated with purity, inner strength and tranquillity, and captured in a silver pendant are believed to bring strength, inner peace, self awareness and above all love and compassion for all things.  

  • Care instructions - cleaning

    All precious metal pieces, whether silver, gold or other metals, will tarnish over time. Tarnish often adds more texture to your piece, however if you wish to retain the sparkle of the 'first bought look' silver cleaning solutions can be purchased from most jewellery retailers and online. Many supermarkets stock cleaning solutions for jewellery, but always follow instructions. It is adviseable to store out of sunlight and if possible in a non tarnish container or small bag to minimize tarnishing. 

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